Massage treatment and personal design program: We'll Help you increase your level of Wellness to acheive your goals.

Whether rehabilitation or prevention: The path back to regain your old strength doesn't have to be a rocky one.  With our therapy concepts we will help you heal completely with the greatest amount of care. Our expertise in aspects of physical, psychological and spiritual based therapy is the product of many years of experience.


Our therapy methods

         Spiritual Therapy

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    Spiritual Inspiration

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    Chanting mantras inspires the body to heal itself, the mind to become calm and the soul to grow strong. Chanting makes room for divine energies. Mantras are vibrations - they unlock hidden centres and help to dissolve the ego; they help us build invisible tools for shaping a better life

    Vedanta literally means culmination of knowledge. Veda means knowledge, anta means end. You are aware of the body, mind and intellect, but not your real Self

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    Spiritual therapies , Spiritual healing , : Mystical, religious, or spiritual practices performed for health benefit.

    LaSTONE THERAPY: Stones of all shapes and sizes and varying temperatures, ranging from zero to 140 degrees, are used during LaStone massage therapy to elicit physical healing, mental relaxation, and a spiritual connection to earth energy. Warm stones encourage the exchange of blood and lymph and provide soothing heat for deep-tissue work. Cold stones aid with inflammation, moving blood out of the area, and balancing male/female energies.


    Chakras Chakra

    A selection of articles related to Chakras Chakra:

    Chakras are our gateways or windows of perception. When our Chakras are clear and balanced we experience a natural state of consciousness bliss. We quite literally are hard wired for bliss

    The chakras relate to the body, mind and feelings, as well as the patterns that affect our lives. Every chakra rules a variety of emotions, body parts and states of mind. These will affect who we are in our lives and what we attract into our lives

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Medical Massage Experienced in Neromuscular Reset and Energy Medicine.  Polarity Therapy,  tuning forks and Crystal singing Bowls sound healing, breathwork,Yoga and is also a Spiritual Counselor and Shamanic Minister.

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